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Water When The Well Is Dry

This song is by Buddy Miller and appears on the album Midnight And Lonesome (2002).

Down on the corner of the dead end street
Too many tears and not a drop of relief
It'll shake up your soul, it'll tear down your pride
Honey, keep your eyes pure... let us tell no lies

Hatred is a criminal out on the loose
Love might be a judge with a hangman's noose
It'll make you strong it'll make you bitter
I got to find myself a strong deliverer

I need a drink of something like water
I need a taste of love divine
Sometimes you just gotta do what you oughtta
Sometimes you bring up the water when the well is dry

Gone out walking through the city tonight
Sifting through the wreckage underneath the lights
All you can do is pray with all your might
There's a few thousand souls no where in sight

It's hard to swing at something you can't see
Sometimes we just don't know the enemy
Can't live by fear can't live by deception
Hey I'm a man of peace with a few exceptions

When the world starts shaking
And the walls are breaking down till nothing's left
Baby you're gonna need to hold onto something...
Stronger than yourself

Baby your eyes were wet with tears
Your skin was drenched in sorrow
But your kiss was an open door
So I walked through to a new tomorrow

Honey like a blade of finest steel
Yeah like an arrow straight and true
Like gold in the hottest fire

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