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Love Match

This song is by Buddy Miller and appears on the album Cruel Moon (1999).

The crowd had gathered
They'd heard the word
Pretty soon I'd be losing her
They stood in line just to see
The way she'd make a meal of me
They held their breath
Whispered low
Waiting for that final blow
They called her name
She was picked to win
As we walked out into the ring

And the first round she broke my heart
Second round she tore it apart
Third round I was on the ropes
Fourth round I didn't have a hope
The things she said in the final bought
Laid me low really knocked me out
She waved to the crowd without a scratch
The heartbreak champion of this love match

They called for blood
They wanted more
They picked me up off the floor
My head was spinning
I staggered round
I couldn't stand for falling down
The lights were dim I heard them say
You can't make it anyway
But I was game I climbed back in
I tried to win her back again

And the first round she hurt me bad
Second round couldn't handle it
Third round well I almost died
Fourth round I saw that look in her eyes
I knew right then how it would be
She turned and walked away from me
They shouted fair and square there ain't no catch
She's the heartbreak champion of the love match

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