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Love In The Ruins

This song is by Buddy Miller and appears on the album Poison Love (1997).

Over in the ruins
After the fall
What were we doing
Not thinking at all

I'll take the check for
There's no one to blame S
Ome one just called me
Was that just your name

But regret is a debt that I just can't pay
Cause there'd be more that I could ever make
Turn left when we get to that place in the road
Or we'll be on the one we shouldn't take

It wasn't our fault
Probably mine
Covered up our hearts
So they couldn't shine

Let's not feel guilty
Have a safe ride
One time we really
Felt too much inside

Now I can't tell a lie like the ones before
That would be more than I could ever fake
History can repeat like it did on us before
Or we'll be on the one we didn't take

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