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I Can't Help It

This song is by Buddy Miller and appears on the album Poison Love (1997).

I can't help it though I try
When the tears come I just cry
You say that love is gone
But mine goes on and on

I can't help it I break down
You don't want me hangin' round
You hurt me to the core
But I love you even more

I can't help it no matter what I do
I can't help it I still love you
I can't help it I'm a slave
To this heartache your love gave

I try but it's in vain
And love must take the blame
I'm weary and my mind is weak
My heart is sick with sorrow

I'm too overcome to speak
And I can't face tomorrow
I should be strong by now but I just don't know how
It's more than I can do I can't get over you

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