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Draggin The River

This song is by Buddy Miller and appears on the album Poison Love (1997).

Go down to the water and listen for a sound

Something like the moaning of a dove

That's where I do my crying while I'm searching for a sign

Draggin the river of our love

Did she bear some secret sorrow I could never know

That why my heart was not enough

Now she's left me looking for a trace of what we had

Draggin the river of our love

There's thunder and lightning and a storm in my soul

I'm broken down and I'm fixin to cry

She was my heartbeat she was my blood

I might as well just lay down and die

Solid as a tombstone silent as a grave

Now lonliness fits me like a gloove

Was her promise a mistake or just an outright lie

Draggin the river of our love

The sky is low and heavy and full of tears tonight

And it's just a fingernail moon up above

Tonight you're gonna find me like every night before

Draggin the river of our love

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