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Baby Don't Let Me Down

This song is by Buddy Miller and appears on the album Poison Love (1997).

Start up the engine and get back home
Hurry go tell mother Johnny got a gun to shoot a squirrel
And he put down your brother

Daddy ain't no where to be found
And it's getting way past midnight
Mama she's left here to cry alone
While I steal a kiss in the moonlight

This place is slow and I just wanna go find myself in an all night town
It's more than I deserve I know but baby don't let me down
Ddt done poisoned me better than the bugs in the cotton
Now I gotta have another drink to kill all the pains I've gotten

All the crops have gone to seed
The maize is turning to clover
Silo's empty gin's closed down
But some things you never get over

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