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Early In The Morning

This song is by Buddy Holly and appears on the album The Buddy Holly Story (1959) and on the album Greatest Hits (1996).

This song is a cover of "Early In The Morning" by Bobby Darin.
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Early in the Morning
Well, you're gonna miss me, early in the morning, one of these days
Oh yeah, you're gonna want me, early in the morning, when I'm away
Yes, you'll be sorry for the times I cried
You'll be sorry for the time you lied
Well, you're gonna miss me, early in the morning, one of these days

Well, you know a rolling stone don't gather no moss
And you cross your bridge when it's time to cross
Well you broke my heart when you said goodbye
Now the milk is spilt, but you're gonna cry

Yeah, early in the morning you're gonna know that I was right
Early in the morning when there's nobody to hold you tight
Well, you're gonna want me, want me bad
You're gonna miss the best man you ever had
Yes, you're gonna miss me
You're gonna want me
One of these days

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