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Last Train to Bucketheadland

This song is by Buckethead and appears on the album Giant Robot (1994).

Throatrake takes you on an adventure through many of Buckethead's favorite things

"All aboard! This is the last train to Bucketheadland!"

"La-ladies and germs, l-if you look to your left you'll see Giant Robot, one of the first attractions on this last train ride to Bucketheadland. Oh my god, Giant Robot. Johnny Sokko, where are you today? You rode doom for eternity, supporting Giant Robot, with Jerry Mano. Speaking of Jerry Mano, ladies and germs, to your right you will notice, under construction, nearly complete, Jerry Mano's Executive Wonder Ride. Be careful, there-there's still construction in process. Don't let any of your children jump out of the cars. A-huh, ooh-o-ah-l even forgot about this attraction, The-The Siamese Twins of Doom, Landslide Mountain to your left, again, ladies and germs. Oh my god, when this is completed, Bucketheadland will be complete. Ah-To your left, to your left again, as we pass around this curve, Edwin Neal's Sausage Massacre Hayride. You'll notice a giant statue of Edwin poking at sausages at the dinnertable. That's where tickers are sold. Oh-I-I never knew wha-wha-what-what- what seemed to make his appetite so un-questionably unleashed for the sausages. But without that appetite, we would not be able to love him. Yeah-eah-eah-eaaah! Leather-Leatherface's Castle. There's only a sign, ladies and gentlemen, to the right, that designates the spot where it will be built. This is will possibly be for the third or fourth phase of Bucketheadland, we're-we're not sure, yet. Our-our-our engineers are coming up with so many ideas! Huh-We can only take 'em one at a time... We're-we're trying to offer you everything we can. Ww-with Edwin Neal's Sausage Ride, wh'what else do you want?!... It's been a long day at Bucketheadland, ladies and gentlemen. Your engineer's getting very weary. Eenhh-ooh. Very weary, I have to go home, have a little phenobarbital, sit down, and play my Texas Chainsaw Massacre video game... Ugh, sorry for the erratic behavior on this last train to Bucketheadland, but, your engineer's at the end of his leash. ("Come back, back, back...") We wish you many more pleasurable visits, we wish you a lifetime of fun even when you're not in this wonderland of joy. We wish you happiness in whatever you do..."
"Can we go on this trip again?"
"That was the last train. Did you enjoy it?"
"Kinda, It was scary, but I liked it."
"Wanna go back again?"
"Next summer!"

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