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Health & Safety Advisory

This song is by Buckethead.

As you know bucketheadland has been the source of a great deal of controversy regarding safety and health issues

You may have heard that we failed our health inspection again due to the annual increase in the amount of maggots found in the cemetery corpses

Were proud to announce that the maggot crops have been reduced by 25% and were now permitted to sell certain types of candy and ... of the park under stricked controlled circumstances

We have already begun discussing plans to cut down on spider eggs and worms in the kitchen

There has also been some noise in the local media and in the amusement park industry ... about the safety of our rides, which have been knowing to fall apart or go rouge from time to time it is true that the rides sometimes go off the tracks but we assure you that they generally come back, rides do tip over or come unhinged on occasion but we firmly believe that the threat of this happening is part of the thrill our visitors are looking for

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