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This song is by Buckethead and appears on the album Enter The Chicken (2005).

Why do you let apathy control you
Do as you see, do as they do
Always looking pissed, sure looks like fun
Fill yourself with ignorance, can't understand your incompetence
All sense of fun you have discard, there's more fun in a graveyard

Why has the humor died in music today?
Everyone's so serious that I'm afraid to say
Tough guy stance is lost on me
Violence is necessary, it proves you are free
Happy being sold mediocrity
Failure only happens from originality

It's more important to be tough than to have any fun
Like an insecure human who fears everyone
Music is art that we're afraid to enjoy
Like a child who's outgrown his favourite toy
Afraid to acknowledge what makes us feel good
Afraid to leave the mould, if we only could
A group is always easier to follow
Than finding something new to swallow
So give us the art that's boring and plain
It's easier to be different when it's the same
Fear something new till we're told it's ok
No time to explore, no time to play
The craving for new is something to shun
Thinking is bad, it spoils the fun

Discover yourself with mass appeal
Pretend your choices make you real

I did not feel that one like I feel children

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