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Time Bomb

This song is by Buckcherry and appears on the album Time Bomb (2001).

The minute I'm at the back door,
That's the minute there's complication
The second I'm in the action
Another bonafied bad creation

When it goes down, they come around
Money, greed, the faces
When it falls down, they won't be found
The spotlight queen, chasin'


It's coming for you
It's coming for me
Life ain't nothin' but bitches and money
Nothin' to loose
Nothin' for free
Can't stop now I got bitches and money
It's a time bomb
It's a time bomb (Yeah)

The moment I hit the bedroom
That's the moment I'm activated
The token I spend to floor ya,
The less I want to know ya


The longer I get before ya
Puts out a blast like a super nova
And if you want a roller coaster
Just take a slow ride on my shotgun


Bitches and money!

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