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Mental Cruelty

This song is by Buck Owens and Rose Maddox and appears on the album Country Hit Maker #1 (1964) by Buck Owens.

This song has been covered by John Prine under the title "Mental Cruelty".
Mental cruelty, that's what I heard her say
Mental cruelty to the judge that day
I sat there in silence so she could be free
And listened to her lying words mental cruelty

Your Honor, since our marriage
My life's not been the same
Why, I'm missing out on all the fun
And he's the one to blame

There's never any excitement now
The way there used to be
And sharing his way of life
Is mental cruelty, mental cruelty

Divorce has been granted
For many different things
Even when there's not a reason
And when no one can be blamed

With only two little words
Why she's on her merry way
Yes, all the woman has to claim
Is mental cruelty, mental cruelty...

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