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Teenager Loving

This song is by Bubbles and appears on the album Bless (2003).

(Alla) Teenager loving tonight.

(Hannah) You say that I'm that one for you.
There's nothing that you wouldn't do.
Oh maybe, you drive me crazy. Looking at your big blue eyes.
I slip away embarassized (?).Oh maybe, It drives you crazy.

(Alla) We're got more than enoungh. It's only teenager love.
Teenager love.

(Alla, refr'ng) Hold me baby. Hold me tight.
Teenager loving, cuts like a knife.
What makes no difference if it's wrong or right?
Oh baby, teenager loving tonight.

(Caroline) Just a kiss it's all it took.
And now I got you on a hook. Oh maybe. I drive you crazy.
A little touch, it wasn't much.
And now you wanna be my shearshing.Oh baby, you must be crazy.

(Alla) We're got more than enoungh. It's only teenager love.
Teenager love.


(Alla) Coming at me with big blue eyes.
Coming at me, let's take a ride. Oh maybe, I drive you crazy.
Thinking about what I could say. Thinking about you every day.
Oh maybe, you drive me crazy.
We're got more than enough. It's only teenager love.

Refr'ng 2ggr

(Alla) We gotta hold on. We gotta hold on.
Can someone tell me, please, what's going on?
Hold on. Hold on.

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