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Rock The World

This song is by Bubbles and appears on the album Rock the World (2000) and on the album Inbetween (2002).

Wanna fly, high above in the sky
looking all over the world,
people get ready now
And I see, everything I wanna see
Surrendering every part of me
People get ready now

We're gonna rock the world (rock the world)
We're gonna dance all night (dance all night)
We're gonna rock the world (rock the world)
We're gonna make it right (we're gonna make it right)

Every boy and girl
Every where you turn
We're gonna show you how
How to rock the world

When you smile, the rain won't come your way
We'll make it a brighter day
It's time to move along
Look and see the good inside of me
You can be what you wanna be
It's time to move along


So if you hear our voices on the radio
Maybe you'll wonder what we're gonna do


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