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One 2 Six

This song is by Bubbles and appears on the album Rock the World (2000).

girls are dancing everywhere
boys are sitting down
girls are dancing on the street
listen to the sound
don't be lazy don't be shy
come on hold my hand
hear the beat and you will understand
oh oh oh oh we're gonne have some fun
oh oh oh oh we've only just begun

1 2 put your hands up
3 4 on the dance floor
5 6 step to the side
n do it all again

london USA
no matter where you are
girls they always wanne dance
be a star
hear the drums of africa
music of the world
shake your body to the beat
I'll show you,come on girls!!!
oh oh oh oh so when your feeling blue
oh oh oh oh we'll show you what to do

1 2 3 4 everybody get on the floor
1 2 3 4 do you wanne party
yeah we want to
do you wanne party

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