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My Boyfriend

This song is by Bubbles and appears on the album Rock the World (2000).

I said it once, and I say it again
Nananananana, yeah
Boy it's to you too

Nananananana, yeah
He lives in a house
Here in my town
He knocks on my heart
Whenever he's around

Yeah yeah, got blue, blue eyes
Yeah yeah, he's so fine

My boyfriend, he loves me
He loves me very much
My boyfriend, he's special
We always keep in touch
He's funny, my honey,
He loves me very much
My boyfriend, so fine

Nanananananana, yeah

He calls on the phone
Saying that he misses me
I don't feel alone
When he say he's gonna kiss me

Yeah yeah, got blue blue eyes
Yeah yeah, he so fine

Nananananana, yeah

Yeah yeah got blue blue eyes
Yeah yeah he's so fine

Chorus (My boyfriend 3 times)

Nananananana, yeah

Nananananana, yeah
Nananananana, yeah

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