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You'll Always Be Loved (By Me)

This song is by Bryan White and appears on the album How Lucky I Am (1999).

Well this old world can get you down
And leave you spinning 'round and 'round
Not knowing what's for real
On this crazy wheel

Is part of the deal, baby
There's only one sure thing I know
I never want to let you go
I'll be here by your side
On this circus ride

Through every drop and climb
'Til the end of time
When everything is moving fast
It's hard to stay together
I know that we can make it last
We'll find a way to weather

Any storm heaven sends
We'll see it through to the end
We've got it made if you can just believe
You'll always be loved by me

And when you go to bed at night
And I'm not there to hold you tight
I'll love you from afar
No matter where you are
I'll count the days 'til when
I'm with you again

And when we're growin' old
I'll be the one to hold you close
When everything is fading fast
We'll face the end together
We'll find a way to make it past
One final storm to weather

And even after the end
I will be with you again
We've got it made if you can just believe
You'll always be loved by me

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