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So Much For Pretending

This song is by Bryan White and appears on the album Between Now And Forever (1996) and on the compilation Greatest Hits (2000).

Straight out of some story
You walked in, in all your glory
I thought you were perfect for me
I was out of my mind
Looked like I was winning
It was the best love I'd ever been in
Just when we were beginning
The end--you left me behind

And I was looking forward to a happy ending
So much for pretending

I should have known better
Than to think of happy ever
After--you and me together
I was out of my league
I kept my heart hidden
And now I'm wishing that I didn't
Oh who am I kidding
You weren't even intrigued

And I was looking forward to a happy ending
So much for pretending

It could have been beautiful
If I'd only met you
If I'd only let you know
What you meant to me
And if I could I would
Give you a demonstration
Of how my imagination
Thought it ought to be
So much for pretending

Ooh yeah, pretending...pretending
So much for pretending

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