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Bryan White (1994)Edit

Bryan White - Bryan White

Bryan White

  1. Eugene You Genius
  2. You Know How I Feel
  3. This Town
  4. Someone Else's Star
  5. Look At Me Now
  6. Rebecca Lynn
  7. Me And The Moon
  8. Nothing Less Than Love
  9. Going, Going, Gone
  10. Helpless Heart

Between Now And Forever (1996)Edit

Bryan White - Between Now and Forever

Between Now and Forever

  1. Sittin' On Go
  2. Still Life
  3. Blindhearted
  4. Nickel In The Well
  5. I'm Not Supposed To Love You Anymore
  6. So Much For Pretending
  7. Between Now And Forever
  8. A Hundred And One
  9. On Any Given Night
  10. That's Another Song

The Right Place (1997)Edit

Bryan White - The Right Place

The Right Place

  1. Love Is The Right Place
  2. What Did I Do (To Deserve You)
  3. Never Get Around To It
  4. Leave My Heart Out Of This
  5. The Natural Thing
  6. One Small Miracle
  7. Tree Of Hearts
  8. We Could Have Been
  9. Bad Day To Let You Go
  10. Call Me Crazy

How Lucky I Am (1999)Edit

Bryan White - How Lucky I Am

How Lucky I Am

  1. Everywhere I Turn
  2. Heaven Sent
  3. The Stayin'
  4. You're Still Beautiful To Me
  5. That Good
  6. Love Me Like You Mean It
  7. God Gave Me You
  8. Love Happens Just Like That
  9. Shari Ann
  10. Two In A Million
  11. How Lucky I Am
  12. You'll Always Be Loved (By Me)

Dreaming Of Christmas (1999)Edit

Bryan White - Dreaming Of Christmas

Dreaming Of Christmas

  1. I'll Be Home For Christmas
  2. Winter Wonderland
  3. Holiday Inn
  4. I Can't Wait 'Til Christmas
  5. Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
  6. One Bright Star

Greatest Hits (2000)Edit

Bryan White - Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits

  1. Love Is The Right Place
  2. Rebecca Lynn
  3. Sittin' On Go
  4. I'm Not Supposed To Love You Anymore
  5. How Long
  6. From This Moment On (Duet With Shania Twain)
  7. That's Another Song
  8. So Much For Pretending
  9. The Way You Look At Me
  10. One Small Miracle
  11. Look At Me Now
  12. Someone Else's Star

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Other SongsEdit

  1. I'm Not Suppose To Love You Anymore
  2. One Bright Star (This Christmas Night)

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