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Love Takes Time

This song is by Bryan Duncan and appears on the album Mercy (1992) and on the album Love Takes Time (1999).

Have you ever been Lied to,maybe mistreated
Taked for granted till you just can't stand it
Were you ever mistaken,thought to be someone
That you just can't be , where's the love you need


Love takes time
Please be kind
See every Part of me
Cause i wanna be love
Love an't blind, ties that bind,take on eternity

Would you like to be trusted for once in your life
Carry that fire without burnin each other
Are you easily angry,cab you bury your pride
Could you ever forgive me and not keep it inside


Make a sacrifice sometimes,maybe more than planned
Don't you hate to go through the pain it takes to make a stand
A hardened heart or a heartache,toadmit that you're wroug
Though it's hard,it hardly matters if that love is gone
Make a scarifice sometimes.....


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