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Have Yourself Committed (1985)Edit

Bryan Duncan - Have Yourself Committed

Have Yourself Committed

  1. Have Yourself Committed
  2. Darkness Is Falling
  3. Maybe This Time
  4. A Child's Love
  5. Come To Find Out
  6. Livin' On The Bright Side
  7. Sweep Me Away
  8. Talk To Me Gently
  9. Last Graduation

Holy Rollin' (1986)Edit

Bryan Duncan - Holy Rollin'

Holy Rollin'

  1. Only Wanna Do What's Right
  2. My Little World
  3. Lead Me To The Water
  4. Hope Of The Brokenhearted
  5. Holy Rollin'
  6. Remember Me
  7. So Far, So Good
  8. Your Everlasting Love
  9. Givin' Up, Givin' Up

Whistlin' in the Dark (1987)Edit

Bryan Duncan - Whistlin' in the Dark

Whistlin' in the Dark

  1. Whistlin' In The Dark
  2. Paradise
  3. All My Life
  4. Break Out Of Chains
  5. When I Think Of Home
  6. Every Heart Has An Open Door
  7. You Can Rely On Me
  8. Help Is On The Way
  9. You're Never Alone

Strong Medicine (1989)Edit

Bryan Duncan - Strong Medicine

Strong Medicine

  1. Let Me Be Broken
  2. Recognize a Lover From a Thief
  3. Stand in My Place
  4. Strong Medicine
  5. Don't Ya Wanna Rap
  6. Inside Out
  7. Lies Upon Lies
  8. Hand It Over
  9. Wonderful

Anonymous Confessions Of A Lunatic Friend (1990)Edit

Bryan Duncan - Anonymous Confessions of a Lunatic Friend

Anonymous Confessions of a Lunatic Friend

  1. Sunday Go To Meetin'
  2. Ain't No Stoppin' Now
  3. Leave Your Light On (Hopeless Moon)
  4. We All Need
  5. Lunatic Friend
  6. All Is Forgiven
  7. Puttin' In The Good Word
  8. Walkin'
  9. Mr. Bailey's Daughter
  10. Blessed Are The Tears
  11. Love You With My Life

Mercy (1992)Edit

Bryan Duncan - Mercy


  1. Mercy Me (Love Is My Responsibility)
  2. Step By Step
  3. Into My Heart
  4. You Don't Leave Me Lonely
  5. When It Comes To Love
  6. Looks Alot Like Me
  7. Love Takes Time
  8. Faithful To You
  9. I'll Not Forget You
  10. Five Smooth Stones

Slow Revival (1994)Edit

Bryan Duncan - Slow Revival

Slow Revival

  1. A Heavenly Light
  2. United We Stand
  3. Don't Look Away
  4. Your Love, My Saving Grace
  5. Traces of Heaven
  6. My House
  7. Lonely Tonight
  8. Things Are Gonna Change
  9. Wheels of a Good Thing
  10. Safe Harbor

Unidos en El (1995)Edit

Bryan Duncan - Unidos en El

Unidos en El

  1. Debes Vivir Dentro de Mir
  2. Un Poco del Cielo
  3. Yo Te Amo a Ti
  4. Unidos en El
  5. El Amor
  6. Si Es por Amor
  7. Benditas Son las Lagrimas
  8. Todo Cambiara
  9. Necesito
  10. Eres Mi Refugio

Now and Then (1996)Edit

Bryan Duncan - Now and Then

Now and Then

  1. Darkness is Falling
  2. Changed Hearts
  3. Holy Rollin'
  4. The Road
  5. Have Yourself Committed
  6. Hope of the Brokenhearted
  7. Falling in Love with You
  8. Lead Me to the Water
  9. Living on the Bright Side
  10. Now or Never

Blue Skies (1996)Edit

Bryan Duncan - Blue Skies

Blue Skies

  1. Blue Skies
  2. Turnin'
  3. After This Day Is Gone
  4. One Touch Away
  5. Dying To Meet You
  6. A Whisper Heard Around The World
  7. No Greater Love
  8. Tell Me Where You Are
  9. Joy Is A Singable Thing
  10. Take Another Look At Me
  11. Take Heart

The Last Time I Was Here (1998)Edit

Bryan Duncan - The Last Time I Was Here

The Last Time I Was Here

  1. Yes I Will
  2. Strollin' On the Water
  3. I Still Love You...Simple As That
  4. God Knows
  5. Once I've Arrived
  6. The Last Time I Was Here
  7. This Love Is What I Get
  8. Sometimes In the Dark
  9. The Preachin' Is Easy
  10. Glad Morning
  11. Caribbean Dreams

Love Takes Time (1999)Edit

Bryan Duncan - Love Takes Time

Love Takes Time

  1. Love Takes Time
  2. Step by Step
  3. After This Day Is Gone
  4. When It Comes to Love
  5. Blue Skies
  6. Into My Heart
  7. Love You With My Life
  8. Don't Look Away
  9. We All Need
  10. I'll Not Forget You
  11. Bryan's Hymn (When I Turn to You)
  12. You Don't Leave Me Lonely
  13. Things Are Gonna Change
  14. Strollin' on the Water
  15. Traces of Heaven
  16. A Heart Like Mine
  17. One Voice

Joyride (2000)Edit

Bryan Duncan - Joyride


  1. I'd Like to Thank You Jesus
  2. Maybe I'm Amazed
  3. It Gets Better
  4. Holiday n Heaven
  5. Everything in the Garden
  6. I'll Always Have Jesus
  7. Clap Your Hands
  8. If You Pray for Me
  9. Where There's Love
  10. The Battle Is the Lord's

Other SongsEdit

  1. As The Deer
  2. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
  3. Heart Like Mine
  4. I Need Thee Every Hour
  5. I Surrender All

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