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Before the Night Is Over

This song is by Bryan Adams.

Hey baby - I got someone and you got someone too,
Hey baby - I don't know what we're gonna do,
How can something wrong feel so right,
C'mon baby - hold on tight.


Before the night is over,
We're gonna get what we desire,
Remember what I told ya,
This could set our hearts on fire.

Hey baby - we're old enough to know it's a sin,
Hey baby - the door is open slide on in,
This feels too good to be true,
I'll tell ya what I wanna do

Chorus x4

Gonna get what we desire,
This could set our hearts on fire,
Before the night,
Before the night,
Before the night is over.

I don't wanna tell a lie,
This is something we can't hide,
Before the night is over.

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