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Swingin' Bridge

This song is by Brush Arbor.

I was just a young boy playing on the swingin' bridge
Out at Grandpappy Naisbett's house
Through the creek and over the ridge
Laughin' out loud on that old bridge

Us kids would make it swing
And we could hear coming from the house
The old folks as they'd sing
On the swingin' bridge, swingin' bridge

Throwin' rocks to the water below
I could hear 'Amazing Grace'
I can picture Grandpappy sing as
The tears rolled down his face

He'd call us kids together
Knowing that we'd rather play
But there's no way he'd see us leace
Without some time to pray

Swingin' bridge memories of how we used to pray
Somehow deep inside my soul
All I am and all I know traces back to the day
Of that swingin' bridge

All us kids are married now
With children of our own
Each of us made the good Lord
The foundation of our home

And in my mind I often drive
Through the creek and over the ridge
To pray and sing 'Amazing Grace'
From that old swingin' bridge, swingin' bridge memories of


Written by:

Rice James A

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