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Never Giving Up

This song is by Brush Arbor.

I read it the holy book when Gabriel blows his horn
How some will be left out standing in the corn
So I will keep my lamp shining brightly, fit and trim
I will hear the master call when He comes again

No, I'm never, never, giving up
I'm never giving up on God
I know that He is able, in Him I put my trust
No, I'm never, never giving up

The preacher said on Sunday that we should watch and pray
And don't you let the devil stop you on the way
Don't get tired of waiting, the word of God is true
Just the way He said He would, He'll come for me and you

No, I'm never never giving up

The clouds will roll back very soon and all of us can go
Get on board, the gospel train, it's leaving, don't you know
Heavens doors are open wide, the saints go marching in
I'll be in that number 'cause I've been born again

No, I'm never never giving up
No, I'm never never giving up
No, I'm never never giving up


Written by:

Rice James A

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