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Album by Bruderschaft.
Disc 1
  1. Forever (Original Club Mix)
  2. Forever (Radio Edit)
  3. Forever (Prost Alternative Vocal Remix by DJ Rexx Arkana)
  4. Forever (Heiko's Minimal Electro Remix by Haiko Maile (Camouflage))
  5. Forever (Remix by Feindflug Featuring Aeroflot)
  6. Forever (Crystal Mix by Patrick Codenys (Front 242))
  7. Forever (Kombinat Remix by Melotron)
  8. Forever (Anthem Remix by D-Koy)
  9. Forever (Clubcracker Remix by The Retrosic)
  10. Forever (Psymix by Negative Format)
  11. Forever (Darkness Pulls Me Under Remix by State Of The Union)
  12. Forever (Eternity Mix By Aiboforcen)
  13. Forever (Harlem Hardstyle Remix by Dracos)
Disc 2
  1. Forever (Farewell Remix by Angels & Agony)
  2. Forever (Sound Addict Remix by Davantage)
  3. Forever (Remix by Colony 5)
  4. Forever (Knowledge Remix by Lights Of Euphoria)
  5. Forever (EssenZ Remix by Grendel)
  6. Forever (Remix by Echorausch)
  7. Forever (St. Matthias Club Mix by Plastic)
  8. Forever (In The Dark Remix by Melt)
  9. Forever (Comrade Remix by Code 64)
  10. Forever (The Sun and the Sky Remix by Moonitor)
  11. Forever (Lux Eternus Remix by Punto Omega)
  12. Forever (Vocoderoder Remix by Knobs N Switches)
  13. Forever (Shadows Bliss Remix by [:SITD:])

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