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Return (2013)Edit

Bruderschaft - Return


Disc 1
  1. Trigger (featuring Clint Carney)
  2. Return (featuring Tom Shear)
  3. Dead Tomorrow (featuring Daniel Graves)
  4. Goodbye (featuring Jared Lambert)
  5. The Things That Dreams Are Made Of (featuring Andylab)(cover of "The Things That Dreams Are Made Of" by The Human League)
  6. Falling (featuring Daniel Myer)
  7. 6AM (featuring Stefan Netschio)
  8. Goodbye (featuring P.O. Svensson)
  9. Forever 2013 (featuring Tom Shear)
Disc 2
  1. Return (Imperative Reaction remix)
  2. Dead Tomorrow (V1RTUAL D3SCENT remix)
  3. 6AM (Noise Suppression Mix by R010R)
  4. Return (Mesh mix)
  5. Goodbye (Frontal Boundary remix)
  6. Falling (Hopeless Mix by Armor)
  7. Trigger (Edge Of Dawn mix)
  8. Return (Cephalgy remix)
  9. Falling (Enter And Fall remix)
  10. Goodbye (Aesthetic Perfection mix)
  11. Forever (Head-Less mix)
  12. Return (Funker Vogt remix)

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