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Sucra Poppa

This song is by Bruce McCulloch and appears on the album Drunk Baby Project (2002).

I need my
Don't pout
I got to have my
? Phone
Sucra poppa
I know
Sucra poppa
I hear you
Sucra poppa

Ah, I'm sucra poppa

Sucra poppa, I need a new wig
Here we go
It helps keep me alive
And, on your way, pick up some cigs
Ugh, I feel fat
Not you, you're so beautiful

I bought a dress an hour ago
The store called me
But I can't wear something so old
You shouldn't use my card without asking
Sucra poppa, don't make me wear it
Oh, and while you're at it, buy me a parrot
A parrot?
Sucra poppa, when you go away
Why a parrot?
I feel so ashamed
I know, I know
Sucra poppa, when I speak your name
I wanna hear it
Graah, sucra poppa!

You know that I work all the time
You know the value of a dime
You're just trying to be full of rage
You only act a third of my age
And you're half my age

Seems like my landlord needs the rent
Every month
Huh, so...

I need my
Sucra poppa
Oh, money, yes, of course
Got to have my
Sucra poppa
I need my
Sucra poppa right now
Have you ever had any money ever?

Oh, all I want is what I want, merde, merde, merde
Look at me, I'm obsessed, ?, what a mess,
Sucra poppa, don't look mean, you should know what I need

You know, you're always wearing things tight and I know you don't like to carry a wallet, but you, young lady, don't know the value of a dollar and the pressure that I'm under
Foutre, sucra poppa, foutre, sucra poppa
Merde, merde, merde

Foutre, sucra poppa, foutre, sucra poppa

Oh, don't pout, you can be, oh, you're a little animal, you're like a muskrat

Are you still mad?
The night's so long, my dress is so short
Let's go out

Okay, my car is waiting, I have a champagne
How about we kiss first?
Oh, sucra poppa, don't be silly


Music by:

Bruce McCulloch, Tracy Ryan & Brian Connelly

Lyrics by:

Bruce McCulloch

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