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Drunk Baby Project

This song is by Bruce McCulloch and appears on the album Drunk Baby Project (2002).

In the early 60's, though it was hidden from view
The state and those under its tutelage went looking for proof
In bunkers so secret its scientists never went home
They begun what was to become known
On the lips of horrified hipsters and capable cops as...
The Drunk Baby Project

Babies were taken from towns and townhouses
Pulled from horrified moms by men who held badges
In a secret place, they were given government booze
In towels, my howls were recorded as proof
That the sins of our fathers are not hidden from view
Liquor pigs, there are statistics on you
Kept by... the Drunk Baby Project

Sad babies in jolly jumpers
How many miles you gonna put on that kid?
Sad babies in jolly jumpers
"Maintenance, clean up in the rye ward"

And the story, so gory, was born and it grew
If a baby drank one, then some could drink two
And, as those sweet babbies were pushed to the brink,
The project's conclusion: booze makes it harder to think

That flesh is a gun and liquor the trigger
It only gets worse as us babies get bigger
If you don't believe me, ask... the Drunk Baby Project

Keep those tipsy toddlers alive
Drunk babies shouldn't drive
Drunk babies shouldn't drive

Meanwhile, some tipsters told hipsters the tale
How babies were kept in this organized jail
Hipsters scratched goatees and put down their poems
Buried their bongos, left cardboard homes
Using their combs, they picked the locks of that secret government dome
"Secure the perimeter"

Hipsters hopped fences, security responded with fear
The hipsters were laid wallward, cops spit in their ears
The babies were wily and some turned them free
How do I know?
One of those babies was me

My first words: da-da
My second words: da-da, I'm drunk-drunk
Are you proud?


Music by:

Bruce McCulloch & Brian Connelly

Lyrics by:

Bruce McCulloch

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