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Caller Go Ahead

This song is by Bruce McCulloch and appears on the album Drunk Baby Project (2002).

DJ: Caller, go ahead.

Caller: Who do you think's gonna win?

DJ: Um, who's gonna win what, sir?

Caller: The game. The big sports game that, uh... I'm so pumped for it. Um, um, I'm sittin', waitin', for the big game. Who do you think's gonna win?

DJ: Well, uh, it could go either way with sports.

Caller: Yeah, I think so too. I, I think our team's gonna win.

DJ: Yeah. Yeah.

Caller: Yeah. Who, who do you think the big scorer's are gonna be? Do you think it's gonna be "the big guns"? Do you think "the big guns" are gonna come through?

DJ: You know, you never know...

Caller: Sometimes, though, you know what, what's great is when the unexpected guys, they have a really good game.

DJ: Yes. Sir...

Caller: What do you think our chances are for the whole season?

DJ: Well, you never know with professional sports, um...

Caller: Yeah. W-w-we don't have a TV here out... at Millhaven.

Lyrics by:

Bruce McCulloch

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