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Nobody There But Me

This song is by Bruce Hornsby and appears on the movie soundtrack Tin Cup (1996) and on the box set Intersections: 1985-2005 (2006).

Original video
Oh, I wish I could laugh
When I look way back
To find out who stole all my dreams

I wish it was easy
To face the fact
There's nobody there but me

It's hard not to smile
When I'm back on dry ground
I'm wishing someone could see

'Cause when the sun comes up
And my dreams die down
There's nobody there but me

It feels so good
To be back on dry ground
After drifting so long at sea

'Cause when the rain says run
When it's all said and done
There's nobody there but me

There's nobody there but me

Written by:

Bruce Hornsby, John Hornsby Wikipedia16, and Charlie Haden Wikipedia16

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