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This song is by Bruce Dickinson and appears on the album Skunkworks (1996).

You knew I wouldn't go, that's why you threatened me,
would I stay?
Said I was sick and I'd be alone, said my mind was not my own
I didn't learn...
You crawled up on your knees, a victim's pretty-please
Would I stay? Would I stay? And I stayed...

How many more times till I broke down
from that guilty mess?
You taught me to hate to love you,
that's because you love to hate yourself

I wish it had a happy end, like the fairy tales pretend
there can be
But things are not the same when your life love was a game
of make-believe
You've got everything you want, but not everything you need
and it's true - you receive what you achieve

How many screaming fights, tears of rage, until it ended?
How many more times till I say who I am and don't pretend?

How many more times till I broke out of that guilty mess?
How many more times till I say who I am and don't pretend?

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