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Richest Man in Town (1988)Edit

Bruce Carroll - Richest Man in Town

Richest Man in Town

  1. Cross My Heart
  2. Above and Beyond
  3. When He Reigns He Pours
  4. Fight to Be Weak
  5. The Richest Man in Town
  6. Only You
  7. Song for You
  8. It Is Finished
  9. He's Always There
  10. Forget It
  11. Something Good Is Bound to Happen
  12. Let Go Let God
  13. Driving Nails

The Great Exchange (1990)Edit

Bruce Carroll - The Great Exchange

The Great Exchange

  1. Living in the Pages
  2. Lay It on Down
  3. Elm Street
  4. Who Will Be Jesus
  5. Average Joe
  6. The Great Exchange
  7. Wake the Dead
  8. I Can't Love Without You
  9. Moment of Truth
  10. You Never Know

Sometimes Miracles Hide (1991)Edit

Bruce Carroll - Sometimes Miracles Hide

Sometimes Miracles Hide

  1. Highway of Life
  2. If We Only Had the Heart
  3. Level Head
  4. I Know Where I Stand
  5. Sometimes Miracles Hide
  6. Pray for My Enemies
  7. I'm Still Here
  8. Breaking the Law of Love
  9. Love Will Be Enough
  10. I'd Rather See a Sermon

Walk On (1993)Edit

Bruce Carroll - Walk On

Walk On

  1. Walk On
  2. Good Life
  3. Road Back Home
  4. It Took You
  5. Answer to Prayer
  6. The Middle Ages
  7. There Is Prayer
  8. Sometimes When We Love
  9. What We Were Fighting For
  10. Right at Home

Speed of Light (1996)Edit

Bruce Carroll - Speed of Light

Speed of Light

  1. Here I Go Again
  2. Speed of Light
  3. Don't Blame Love
  4. Worth it All
  5. I Want to Trust You
  6. You Can Get There From Here
  7. Someday I May Rise Above it All
  8. There's More to Come
  9. It's Just Like Church to Me
  10. God Doesn't Know

Boomerang (1997)Edit

Bruce Carroll - Boomerang


  1. Boomerang
  2. Pray Hard
  3. The Room
  4. Audience of One
  5. To Forgive
  6. Memory of the Chains
  7. Feed My Soul
  8. The Veil
  9. The Unexplained
  10. WGOD

For the Record (1997)Edit

Bruce Carroll - For the Record

For the Record

  1. Bought and Paid For
  2. Driving Nails
  3. Fight to Be Weak
  4. Above and Beyond
  5. The Great Exchange
  6. Who Will Be Jesus
  7. Living in the Pages
  8. Breaking the Law of Love
  9. Sometimes Miracles Hide
  10. I'm Still Here
  11. I Know Where I Stand
  12. Good Life
  13. Walk On
  14. Shadow and Light

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