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It's What's Inside That Counts

This song is by Brooke Allison.

Make me look good
Make me look swell
Make me look fine

We're pourin' it on
You just sit back
Cause baby, you're mine

You send me into a spin
Make a splash when you walk in
Those eyes, so rare,
The lips, the hair

You're a breath of fresh air

Brushing the fur
Comb the hair out
Trim up the toes

Give me the dress
And the shoes
And the jewelry
And clothes

You can judge your books
From how the cover looks
Wear make-up by the ounce
Oh, didn't they tell you?
It's what's inside that counts

Make me a star
Make me look great
Make me look grand
I've got style and grace
But it's a painted-up face
Gets you a man

Snip, cut when we are through
You're gonna look so good it's true
The fur, the bows, the chin, the nose
Mmm ah, ooh la la

Looks won't hide,
It's what's inside that counts

You wanna be a bride?
It's what's inside that counts

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