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Till Death Do Us Part

This song is by brokeNCYDE and appears on the mixtape THA $C3N3 MiXTaPe (2008).

Freezing to death in this rain,
I still remember the day,
I never thought I'd remember your name,
You said you would always be there for me but you never remained
Forever I drained these memories of everything sane
Once psychotic but the clocked and shot it next to our brain
The clip was empty so I never felt the pleasure of pain.
But I seriously wish on that day, that thing was equipped with bullets I pulled the trigger.
Now love lets see some bitch to pull it,
All of this inconsilling, nothing can save this killing,
I thought you cared for me,
Why you running away from feelings,
You hold it in your eyes,
It wouldn't be to begin,
That was jibberish after this you won't be breathing again,
I was deceived by a friend within the demon within
Telling me not to do what I needed but I wasn't believing him,
You fucking lied you told me you would be by my side,
If I would of know this was going to happen
I would have tried and make everything better, instead of letting it rise,
You could never decide, what's worse you were letting me die inside,
You fucked up but I don't care 'cause it's over,
I've been in colder situations now that I'm dirty sober
And I promise I would share the pain I had with you,
Outside of your window with a sniper rifle and I'm aiming it at you

Stay the fuck away from me bitch I hate you,
There ain't no body around that can save you,
For what you rightfully deserve for leaving me,
Not needing me,
Never was there never believed in me (x2)

I pulled the trigger to get her fucking attention,
I should have murdered the both of them but I have nothing against them,
I ran up six flights of steps, ready to sacrifice, wasting my last bullet shooting the sky,
I cashed my knife, now with full force, of course the door had a latch inside,
So I kicked it open and noticed her and her man inside,
I yelled, don't act like you never fucking deserve this,
I swung my fist, she fell face first to the surface,
I blacked her eye, that asshole tried to pull a gat instead,
I swipped it from his hand, and stabbed him in the abdomen,
He screamed with dying tones, not once did he act the dream,
Both unconscious so I cover their bodies with gasoline,
Can't breath, bad luck the bitch I had it,
My friend hesitated and then said fuck it and lit the match,
If only you would have cared you would have seen how nice I am but you never wanted me so listen you die for him.

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