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Get Crunk (Mac Lethal Vodka Tonic Remix)

This song is by brokeNCYDE and appears on the mixtape THA $C3N3 MiXTaPe (2008).

<My name is Mac Lethal
And I'm so annoyed
That I'm bout to crack motherfuckin' Soulja Boy's neck
Like *POP*
Me and Brokencyde get the Cash
Push the person next to you
Better yet, Whip they ass.
I broke up with the base
I fell a hook I destroyed
Beyonce is fine as hell
Rhianna looks like a boy
I pop a Morphine pill
I will not harm or bite myself
I like a girl that's wet that
Got some long arms like Micheal Phelps
I used to get drunk before I went to class
I didn't learn shit in school
Still part of the business class
Now my flow is like peanut butter for drunk kids
I like um real juicy
I squeeze the but of a crunk pig
Black Clover, BC13
We mean this
Throw your fuckin' Crowns up,
I'm popular like Jesus!
But I'm not fuckin' with you hoes
They be like
Can't we kiss you Mac Lethal?
And I'm like
Bitch No!

I Don't like the music with the emo sound
With the emo sound

And Chubby girls need to put the twinkies down
Put the twinkies down
Put the twinkies down!

I can't work facebook 'cause I'm to dumb
'Cause I'm to dumb
I'm kinda dumb

All I want for breakfast is coke and rum
Is Coke and rum
Is Coke and rum

I wish I could fuck Kim Kardashian
Is that Even how you say her name?
I guess

Someone please pass me an asprin
Pass an asprin
An asprin!

I don't give a fuck about politics
About politics
About politics

Everything all one big ball of shit

Man it's all about some motherfuckin bull shit!

Black Clover!>