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Rendered Into Lard

This song is by Broken Hope and appears on the album Omen of Disease (2013).

Outsiders trapped to feed a bloodthirsty group,
Processing people into numerous forms of meat,
The carnivorous throng eats up every bloody scrap.

Human livestock butchered and rendered into lard.

Butchers segment, cube, and parcel for all to share,
Fillets, ribs and sausage, to strip of fat and grease,
None of the flesh is wasted as cutters do their worst,
Meat dressed and cooked, prepared for unholy meals.

Human livestock butchered and rendered into lard.

Liver and eyeball pate appetizers before the main course.

The captives are all fattened in their farmyard cells of doom,
A micro-society of carnivorism reveals the gluttons of gore,
Man-knuckles and lady-rump to mincemeat, roast, or chuck,
Gnawed, gulped, devoured and digested into sick gastrology.

Human livestock butchered and rendered into lard,
Ground up for consumption and converted into shit,
All shall eat as meat packers distribute every fleshy bit.

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