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Work And Non Work (1997)Edit

Broadcast - Work And Non Work
Work And Non Work
  1. Accidentals
  2. The Book Lovers
  3. Message from Home
  4. Phantom
  5. We've Got Time
  6. Living Room
  7. According to No Plan
  8. The World Backwards
  9. Lights Out

The Noise Made by People (2000)Edit

Broadcast - The Noise Made by People
The Noise Made by People
  1. Long Was the Year
  2. Unchanging Window
  3. Minus One
  4. Come On Let's Go
  5. Echo's Answer
  6. Tower of Our Tuning
  7. Papercuts
  8. You Can Fall
  9. Look Outside
  10. Until Then
  11. City in Progress
  12. Dead the Long Year

Haha Sound (2003)Edit

Broadcast - Haha Sound
Haha Sound
  1. Colour Me In
  2. Pendulum
  3. Before We Begin
  4. Valerie
  5. Man is not a Bird
  6. Minim
  7. Lunch Hour Pops
  8. Black Umbrellas
  9. Ominous Cloud
  10. Distorsion
  11. Oh How I Miss You
  12. The Little Bell
  13. Winter Now
  14. Hawk

Tender Buttons (2005)Edit

Broadcast - Tender Buttons
Tender Buttons
  1. I Found the F
  2. Black Cat
  3. Tender Buttons
  4. America's Boy
  5. Tears in the Typing Pool
  6. Corporeal
  7. Bit 35
  8. Arc of a Journey
  9. Michael a Grammar
  10. Subject to the Ladder
  11. Evil Is Coming
  12. Goodbye Girls
  13. You and Me in Time
  14. I Found the End

The Future Crayon (2006)Edit

Broadcast - The Future Crayon
The Future Crayon
  1. Illumination
  2. Still Feels Like Tears
  3. Small Song IV
  4. Where Youth and Laughter Go
  5. One Hour Empire
  6. Distant Call
  7. Poem of Dead Song
  8. Hammer Without a Master
  9. Locusts
  10. Chord Simple
  11. Dave's Dream
  12. DDL
  13. Test Area
  14. Unchanging Window / Chord Simple
  15. A Man for Atlantis
  16. Minus Two
  17. Violent Playground
  18. Belly Dance
  19. Misc
  20. Stupido

Mother is the Milky Way (2009)Edit

Broadcast - Mother Is The Milky Way
Mother Is The Milky Way
  1. Creation Day the Travel Flute Way
  2. In Here the World Begins
  3. Elegant Elephant
  4. Through the Gates of Yesterday
  5. Milling Around the Village
  6. The Aphid Sleeps
  7. Growing Backwards
  8. I'm Just a Person in This Roomy Verse
  9. Never Trust a Rusty Bolt
  10. Innocence in Orbit
  11. Mother's Milk Means Music (At Home in the Universe)

Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age (2009)Edit

Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age
Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age
  1. Intro / Magnetic Tales
  2. The Be Colony
  3. How Do You Get Along Sir?
  4. Will You Read Me
  5. Reception Group Therapy
  6. A Quiet Moment
  7. I See, So I See So
  8. You Must Wake
  9. One Million Years Ago
  10. A Seancing Song
  11. Mr Beard You Chatterbox
  12. Drug Party
  13. Libra, The Mirrors Minor Self
  14. Love's Long Listen-In
  15. We Are After All Here
  16. A Medium's High
  17. Ritual / Looking In
  18. Make My Sleep His Song
  19. Royal Chant
  20. What I Saw
  21. Let It Begin / Oh Joy
  22. Round And Round And Round
  23. The Be Colony / Dashing Home / What On Earth Took You?

Other SongsEdit

  1. Book Lovers
  2. Poem Of A Dead Song
  3. Where Youth & Laughter Go

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