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Where Would I Be

This song is by Bro'Sis and appears on the album Days Of Our Lives (2003).

Verse 1:

In my darkest hour,
I stood my ground
There was a part of me, that still believed
But would not let me down

Verse 2:

I don't know how,
But here and now
When I least expected to, I found the proof
No shadow of doubt

Prechorus 1x:

Because all the answers to my questions,
Are so obvious but true
When i'm asking for direction it's you


Baby where would I be,
If i'd never given up on love
Tell me where would I be,
If I never said enough was enough
But I still believe,
If you never opened up my eyes, it made me realize
I have never seen what was right in front of me
Tell me where would I be

Verse 3:

Now I can't deny,
That something inside
Keeps telling me that this could be the meant to be,
For once in my life

Verse 4:

I'm gonna take my time,
When I look in your eyes
I don't wanna miss a thing, just wanna take it all in
Now that you're here by my side

- Prechorus 1x -

- Chorus 1x -


But I was standing at this open door,
I'll be walking right through
And i'll be holding out for so much more
I've never felt so sure, this was more than I was ever hoping for

- Chorus until end... -

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