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Dirty Girl

This song is by Bro'Sis.

Dirty Girl

Girl you're buggin' me Sure enough you're always busy pushing me
Well you don't wanna treat me like that

Waited patiently Yet still you're playin' every game deceptively
But this time girl the ice gonna crack

You take my trust and you throw it away
Take the money I should have been paid
Makin' fools of the both of us Things getting dangerous
And I don't wanna give no more I think I'm gonna...

Rip back on your act, watch your back,
I'm puttin' you right, don't think I'm gonna
Take that, cold attack, where you at?
It's happenin' tonight, I wanna be Sure you're in the frame
Know the same 'bout where this gonna lead
'Cause I ain't gonna want somebody else's dirty girl on me (yeah)

How come all your friends deny your alibis?
They ain't where you sayin' they'd been

Don't apologize You rolled the dice and lost it girl
Take my advice Get out before I find you again


You damn right I'm serious You double crossed me and I've had enough
Of your lies, in my eyes' You ain't worth the dirt in your bed, baby

I don't wanna make a fuss Get yourself packed baby, don't discuss
You know you're, to blame for, me being this close to the edge


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