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Standing in the Shadows

This song is by Britny Fox and appears on the album Boys In Heat (1989).

Original video
In the dark, there's a love that hides
Is it true, we are blinded by.
Face the words, it's not in your eyes.
Tell me now, that I'm the one for you, yeah.

I'm alone again, deep inside, cold sets on in.
Lurks the shade, on top our lives.
Gotta know, if this love is gonna stop or go.

Don't you know what I want?
Go go go
Don't you know what I want?

'Cause I'm standin', standing in the shadows of love.
Yeah I'm standin', standing in the shadows of love.

In love, with a lying heart.
Dressed in black, the shadows dark.
Trapped inside, a love that cast, of shade,
of a love that's gonna stop or go.

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