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Pepsi 2002

This song is by Britney Spears.

you hear something new at fountains today,
people who think young say pepsi please

the lively crowd
today agrees
those who think young
say pepsi please

* Pepsi *
For those who think young *wink*

come alive
come alive
you're in the pepsi generation
(you're in the pepsi generation)
you're in the pepsi generation

taste that beats the others cold
pepsi pours it on
pepsi's got that special taste
created for the good

you've got a lot to live
and pepsi's got
a lot to give

simply irrisistable
simply irrisistable

turn me up

come feel the joy all around
each generation has found
they've got their own kind of sound
it's time to shout it out


to feel that joy of pepsi

For those who think young! *wink*

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