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Me And You

This song is by Britney Spears.

Oh (oh)
Yeah (yeah)

Oh you caught me
In my house last night
I was only thinking
'Bout you
Don't know what
I doubt it 'cause I like you so much

Cause now I'm your friend
So don't try and break up
You're all I want
And I've waited for so long
Come on it will be
You and me
Just the two of us
Oh yeah

I hear you calling
In the street
All around me
Up on my garden wall
I can't stop thinking 'bout you
Ooh Ooh yeah

I see you in the shops
One day
You wern't liking me before
All I have now is my own house
Cause you don't even care about me

Why won't you
Be my friend now
I don't like
'Cause I've learned so much about you
All I hear now is I hate you
You're so worked up in your own personal life
You don't even think about me

And I see you falling
I go and help you

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