Britney Spears:Live Performance At Mtv Europe Video Music Awards- Lyrics

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Live Performance At Mtv Europe Video Music Awards-

This song is by Britney Spears.

Oh baby, baby
How was I supposed to know
That something wasn't right here

Oh baby, baby
I shouldn't, never let you go
My loneliness, and I
I must confess
When I'm not with you
Give me a sing
Hit me baby one more time

Shue, yeah
Ah, ah, ah
Shut, shut
Ah, Ah
Uh, uh, yeah

Baby I'm so into you
You've got that something
What can I do?
Baby you spend me around
The Earth is moving
But I can't feel the ground

Everytime you look at me
My heart is jumping it's easy to see
Loving you means so much more
More than anything I ever felt before

Tell me, you're so into me
That I'm the only one you will see
Tell me, I'm not in the blue
I hope that I'm not wasting
My feelings on you

Uh, eh, hem
Taken off my clothes
Taken off my clothes
I'm standing on the door
Standing on the floor
I never, never thought
It could be so bad
'Cause it's driving me crazy
with so many faces in my mind
I came all the way
It's driving me mad
Ah, Ah

- Everybody say: "Ho"!
- Ho!
- Ho!
- Ho!
- Say: "go, go, go"!
- Go, go, go!
- Now scream!
I just can sleep
Pretty Down

You drive me crazy, I just can sleep
I'm so exited I'm in too deep
Crazy, but it feels all right
Baby thinking of you keeps me up all night

- Say: "go"!


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