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I'm Shinin'

This song is by Britney Spears.

Oh hit me baby one more time
Time to make my crowd really shine
Cause this year right here is mine.
Oops I'ma pull it off again.
Feelin' so inspired writin' with my friends
Thinkin' what to write in my M-B-endz (Mercedes Bendz)
How's my disc gonna end?

Oh this time I,
am inspired by,
I don't know what to write.
Now I'm done,
pull the plug,
I'm really ready to rock.

I don't feel I need to fake it out.
That's what this tune is all about.
I got it right this time.
F*** them, I'm gonna shine.
Don't you worry 'bout me lyin'.
Now I'm shinin'.

I'm a slave 4 the things I love.
Like the heavenly spirit resting from above.
Track 2, listen (oooohhh),
that's what I do.
I'm thinkin' what to write in my M-B-enz (Mercedes Bendz)
How my disc gonna end?



Oh, this year right here is mine.
You can't steal it from me.
F*** them I'm gonna shine.


(Chrous X 2)

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