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Stolen Cheers

This song is by Bring It On.

(claps) lets go Toros x4
all right
we're sweet
we got the whip
we cant be beat
we're the best our team's too cool
we got the class to rock this school
ah yeah

We bad, we got the team
we can't be had
we're the best
so score them points
you win the game
we'll rock this joint

go Toros go Toros go go go Toros

(Clovers over Toros)
go Clovers go Clovers go go go Clovers

our game is fierce
and we are hip
so get on back
you can't touch this

Our game is bad
we're without peer
so get that weakness outta here
you're tryin' to steal our bit
but you look like shit
but we're the ones
who are down with it

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