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Just What I Need(Conversation)

This song is by Bring It On.

Oh Torance,
Can't stand you're cheerleading squad.
But I love your pom-poms
I'd feed you bon-bons all night

And I'm feelin' fine, got butterflies inside, in your locker I would hide
The truth, it's only your I see. and ur jus wot I need
I'd bring you flowers everyday, just to roll you in the hay,
I'll be just fine, I'm right on time, I no I'll get my way

And you're just what I need
And you're just what I need
Not every thing turns out to be
As bad as cheerleading

And your just what I need
And your just what I need
Not everything turns out to be
Is that so hard to believe?
Yeah shout outtttt

(Next day)

(TORANCE spoken)
I listened to you're tape. I loved it.

(CLIFF spoken)

(TORANCE spoken)
Will you listen, I was upset that night
Erin gave me a ride home,
It meant nothing

(CLIFF spoken)
Oh I'm sorry.

(TORANCE spoken)
And I wanyted you 2 know, I broke up with him.

(CLIFF spoken)

Cliff walks away.

(TORANCE shout)
He didn't believe in me!
You did!
That important to me!
You believed in me!

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