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This song is by Brightly and appears on the album Oh, Infinity (2015).

You are black and blue, cut and bruised
But just beneath your skin and teeth
You are made of stars, not these battle scars

In pre-dawn light stand and fight
I see it now, your furrowed brow
Oh, the sweat it breaks, do not hesitate

Sister I am sure when you hit that floor
You are going to set their hearts on fire

Sister I am sure they'll take more and more
But never stop you, never break you down

When they cry victory, stand with me
Just beneath our skin and teeth
We are made of stars, we are made of stars

And as the morning breaks
I swear I'll hold on I won't let you drown

And on each broken bone
I swear I'll rage until my lungs give out

And as the ground we stand on shifts and changes I will pull you out

Against the rising tide we will find hope we will find solid ground

Like a bird you'll soar
Away from all that misery
You will be home at last and free

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