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This song is by Brightly and appears on the album One for Sorrow, Two for Joy (2016).

Hold me down, choke me, love
There's nothing more that I need from above
I got cum on my jeans but I swear I believe in true love
Last night we were heroines on heroin and shitty speed
It was not as chic as I'd dreamed it would be so I fashioned my escape

As we buried you deep they served sweet champagne
I choked back a giggle and waited for rain
I was drunk and ashamed sweating sweltering oblivion
So shall we pretend as we rise from our squalour
Get up to commute, here's to wealth, to honour
Raise a glass to the working class building houses on salt and on sand
And cheese, say cheese

Pass me the ball, throw me a bone
I'll run like a dog that is beaten and bowed
Still every try that we try to convert will be rigged up to find its way home
But I'll carry on, success is a bottle
I'm sucking them down, goddamn tomorrow
Haunt me now all these spirits I've drowned as I circle round the drain

And I can't sleep for the shame

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