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Preflight Nerves

This song is by Brightly and appears on the album Beginnings & Endings (2013).

It was dark in the car park
I heard a lark ascending and you laughed
And in my bones I guess I've always known
There was a spark exploding in the dry bark

You said, "Honey, you look sick
Don't you know that this is everything?
We are everything"

And all my clothes
Well baby, they were thrown into the sea
God, I felt it when you left me
It hit me hard in the car park
'Cause I was always looking for a spark

You said, "Honey we can't lose
When we make the rules"
But we never won
Did we?

And I'm going to make it anyway
And I'm going to fake it, baby

I feel it now
I feel it now
I feel it now
I feel it now

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