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Plans (Epilogue)

This song is by Brightly and appears on the album One for Sorrow, Two for Joy (2016).

When we collide, we are alive
A spark of light

Save me, darling, please
Underneath it all I know what it means
Save me, give me the gun
Trace out the paths of the people I loved

Don't turn away, burn up the sky with me
Our words are vibrating strings, they circle us now

Save me, show me the way
Draw me a line, draw my foot from the grave
Save me, we'll bury it all
Cover our bones with the leaves as they fall

Still I know when you're out of sight, I can feel it
So maybe nothing means nothing at all and oblivion will come to call
I don't care, we had it all

Save me, show me the way
To step into the night, to give it all away
Save me, I guess I'm afraid

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